Visit Booth 326 for Some REAL Warehouse Action!

Booth 326 is where the action is at Convergence 2011 in Atlanta. We will have a cool interactive booth for you to see Operations Core with Advanced Fulfillment in ACTION!

What is the Operations Core? Well in case you missed it in our last Half Notes, it is fully scalable warehouse automation and we are bringing that automation to the booth. Advanced Fulfillment powered by Visual Warehouse is our newest addition to the Operations Core.

This is your chance to see beyond the back office and into warehouse operations. You will get to:

  • Place an order in Microsoft Dynamics GP for one of our FREE give-away products
  • View your order in Visual Warehouse and send it out for picking
  • Walk through the picking process using a hand held device
  • Confirmed your shipped order back in Microsoft Dynamics GP

All this done in under 4 minutes! So drop by booth 326 with your customers to get the ultimate warehouse walk-through! See you in Atlanta.

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