New Product Features

Enhanced Voucher Selection – Check Stub Inquiry

In standard GP, when you drill back on a vendor payment – you only see the vouchers/invoices paid – you do not see the credit memos’ applied. With our NEW inquiry window, you can see the invoices AND credit memos taken with a check.

ChargeBack Processing – Chargeback Import

Adjustments are typically entered using the adjustments entry window. However, if your customers have a large volume of adjustments, they may get a spreadsheet from their customer or design their own tab or comma delimited file. With our NEW import functionality, they can import adjustments directly into the Adjustments Entry window. Just think of how much time that will save!

Budget Ledger – Microsoft Professional Tool Library integration

At times customers need to change or combine account numbers. Microsoft provides a tool to do this within in GP and customers can use the Budget Ledger Account Modifier/Combiner utility in conjunction with the Professional Services Tool Library Account Modifier/Combiner.

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